About Me

I am a third year at SMC majoring in Computer Science with the intention to transfer to one of the top schools like UCB, UCSD, UCLA or UCI. I am also currently working with a non profit company, and have several other projects on the side. I also already worked at several tech companies in Germany.

I am also currently in the process of updating this website, so please excuse if some things are missing. To get a more updated version of my resume, please click on the resume button.

Work Experience in CS

I am currently focusing on my app called Artsy, which takes in images and accurately calculates amounts of paint needed for each color through machine learning.

Personal Projects

  1. Inspired by the LA Art community I am currently working together with a non profit company to create an app that allows artists to easily calculate the amount of paint needed for their next big project.

Selected Coursework

Computer Science
CS 20A&B: DSA in C++ & Java
CS 50: C Programming
Electrical Engineering
Circuit Analysics + Lab
Assembly Language
Linear Algebra
Discrete Mathematics